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Wedding service's

Planning your wedding? Want your favourite household member's to be apart of that? we have it covered! 


The Mission

We understand that planning your wedding day is the most exciting thing and the most stressful! That why we have put together a package that covers everything for your 4 legged companions so they don't miss out!


Added bonus! It also makes it stress free!

The Breakdown


  • Meet and greet : First steps, a chance to meet the dog, get ideas & a get plan together.

  • Rehearsals! : This is part where we will arrange a day where we can practice and get the dog used to walking with us.

  • The week before :  Grooming appointment will be made, your pooch will get clean and a fresh cut! 

  • The big day! : Collect the dog at arranged time, doing the finishing touches (i.e outfits, flowers, good brush). Chaperoned thought-out the day until agreed time to take home.

 Package includes :  Grooming price, travel expenses, outfit/flowers, a personalised bandana & a gift from your pooch!

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