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All Full grooms include Bath and Full styling, a nail clip and an ear clean. Dependent on your dog’s coat condition there may incur an additional charge (i.e. Matting/fleas)



Small (Yorkies, long hair chihuahua)

Medium (Cockapoos, Shih Tzu, Spaniels) 

Large (German shepherd, Collie)

Giant (Newfoundland, chow chow)

Handstripping                                                                                from £55

Puppy introduction is perfect for the first time in the salon and for your pet to start getting used to the salon environment. An introduction includes a bath, brush and a light trim around the face, feet and hygiene area. Nails clipped and an ear clean.


Puppy introduction (up to 6 months)






All Bath and de shed appointments include nail clipping and an ear clean. Perfect for your pet to have a good scrub and your dog to feel fresh again!


Medium (Staffies, Frenchie’s, chihuahua, pug)


Large (Labradors, Huskies, Doberman) 

Bath & spruce up Includes a bath and a good brush, and a light face feet and hygiene trim. Perfect option for in-between your Full grooms!


Small (Toy poodles, Yorkies) 

Medium (Cockapoo’s, Shih Tzu) 



Full grooms

Bath & de-sheds

Bath & spruce up




Ear clean  

Nail clip  

Puppy grooms & Extra serivces



Grooming services list

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