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Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning

Dog Lover

80% of dogs have dental issues by the age of 2 years old

Did you know?

Oral care & prevention and maintenience of oral hygine 

We spend a lot of our recourses thinking out grooming, training etc for our pooches, but what about there oral health! So your properly thinking what is the emmi pet and why does my dog need regular teeth cleaning?

Emmi-pet is an ultrasonic tooth brush for dogs which helps to improve the oral health of our dog preventing from gingivitis, periodontitis ands calculus, mouth odour and tooth loss. It is designed to work throughout regular sessions cleaning the teeth gradually and safely. 

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First session £20 (This buys your toothbrush head, an initial consultation and a 30 minute session)

Each session after £15 for 30 minute session.

Recommendations too have one session every 1-3 weeks provided the state of the teeth and gums are okay. For a larger build up of plague and tartar we recommended for the first 3 weeks an intensive Course in order to soften the plaque build up. 

Discounts are available for regular clients who would like this service in addition to their grooming appointments! contact us for more infomation!

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